91 Yashima Nakamachi, Takamatsu, Kagawa 761-0112
Tel: 087-843-3111

  • Note: Parking space is limited. Please use public transportation when possible.
    Parking is shared with Waraya udon and Yashima Shrine
  • When coming by car:
    About 20 minutes' drive from JR Takamatsu Station
    About 40 minutes' drive from Takamatsu Airport
    About 15 minutes' drive from Takamatsu Expressway Takamatsu-chuo IC
    About 20 minutes' drive from Takamatsu Expressway Shido IC
    Free parking is available (5 bus spaces, 200 for passenger cars).
  • When coming by plane:
    Take the airport bus to Kawaramachi
    • ・About 20 minutes by taxi from Kawaramachi
    • ・Take the Kotoden Shido line from Kawaramachi to Kotoden-Yashima Station, then five minutes' walk
    Click for the airport bus schedule
  • When coming by train:
    Take the Kotoden Shido line to Kotoden-Yashima Station, then five minutes' walk
    Take the JR Kotoku Line to Yashima Station, then 10 minutes' walk
  • Shuttle Bus Guide
    Shuttle buses are also available between JR Yashima Station or Kotoden Yashima Station and Yashima-Sanjo. Get off at the Shikoku-mura bus stop, just a short walk away.
    Click for fees and schedules
Yashima Tourism:
Yashima, home to Shikoku Mura, is a table-shaped highland covered with flat stone mesas and partly surrounded by steep cliffs.
Yashima is historically important as the site of a major Genpei war (1180-1185) battle, and the panoramic view of the beautiful Seto Inland Sea islands, the Takamatsu cityscape, and the Sanuki mountain range from its mountain peak has been selected as one of Japan Sunset Best 100, Japan’s Best 100 Night Views, and Japan’s Top 100 Most Beautiful Moon Views.
It is a wonderful place for outdoor activities like mountain climbing, hiking, and birdwatching, so please consider adding a visit to your Shikoku Mura trip.

Please check the Yashima tourism information site All YASHIMA for more details on sightseeing in the area.

Note: Time from Shikoku Mura to Yashima Sanjo on the Yashima Sanjo shuttle bus is around 8 minutes.