Nakaishi Family House


Late 1700s to 1800s (estimated) 

Former Location:

Higashiiya, Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture


Takamatsu City Registered Tangible Cultural Property

Life around the fire in Ochiudo Village

This home is from western Tokushima’s Iya, famed for Ochiudo village as mentioned in the Heike Monogatari. The main house, a secondary house, and a barn were built in a row on a long, narrow plot following the slope. Each is roofed with thatch in the yosemune-zukuri (*1) style for a truly old-fashioned atmosphere. The layout of both the main and the secondary house consists of two rooms with no earthen floored doma, and each room has a sunken hearth to offer warmth in the harsh cold, a characteristic of this region.

Secondary house & barn

The secondary house is a bit smaller in scale than the main, and in consideration of the elderly residents was built with a low elevated floor. The semi-underground barn makes use of the sloped ground and was home to cattle.

*1: Yosemune-zukuriA type of hipped roof structure where the surfaces descend from the ridge in four directions.