Kume Tsuken Residence



Former Location:

Umayado, Higashikagawa, Kagawa Prefecture


Registered Tangible Cultural Property

A house of invention, where the salt-field founder lived

This was the home of scientist Kume Tsuken, who, along with Hiraga Gennai, was one of the Sanuki domain‘s leading figures in the Edo period (1603-1867). The main house is thatched with a yosemune-zukuri (*1) roof, while the lower house has a hongawarabuki (*2) roof. It was moved from his birthplace of Umayado, Hikitacho in eastern Sanuki. He developed the Sakaide Enden salt fields on a large scale, and expanded them to the point where they came to account for nearly half of all salt production in Japan. Sanuki’s reputation as a salt producing region from the Edo period is all due to Kume.

Tools Discovered in the Ceiling

When dismantling the house for relocation, tools like cannon mold prototypes were found above the ceiling.

Who was Kume Tsuken?

Kume Tsuken was an Edo period (1603-1867) scientist. He excelled in the field of surveying, and developed a wide variety of things like warships, cannons, percussion cap pistols, and even a mechanical fan.

*1: Yosemune-zukuriA type of hipped roof structure where the surfaces descend from the ridge in four directions. 
*2: HongawarabukiA roof tiled with alternating rows of flat and round tiles.