Lighthouse Keeper’s Residence form Esaki, Awajishima Island



Former Location:

Nojimaesaki, Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture (Awaji Island) 


Registered Tangible Cultural Property

A stately Western-style building revived after earthquake

The Esaki Lighthouse, found at the northern tip of Awaji Island, was the eighth such one in Japan designed and built by British lighthouse planner R. H. Brunton. The Western-style building served as living quarters for the lighthouse keepers, and owes its imposing presence to the hewn granite block construction. The 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake caused extensive damage, including severe cracks in the stone walls and fallen roof tiles. It was then moved to Shikoku Mura and restored.


The walls are built of hewn granite blocks some 60 centimeters thick.

Wooden trusses

The building has a yosemune-zukuri hipped roof. Elements like traditional wooden trusses used when the lighthouse was first built are still in place, making this building a valuable reminder of the early days of Western-style lighthouses.