Lighthouse Keeper’s Residence from Kudakoshima Island



Former Location:

Motonuwa (Kudakoshima Island) 

Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture


Registered Tangible Cultural Property

A Japanese style lighthouse showing the evolution of lighthouse architecture

This lighthouse keepers quarters was once on Kudakoshima Island, which is in the sea off the coast of Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture. It is constructed of brick with stucco finishing on the exterior walls. The roof is in the sangawara-buki style (*1). The floor plan is symmetrical, centering on a tatami-mat room with a closet. As an example of late-Meiji architecture, it shows how more lighthouse keepers were Japanese. It demonstrates differences from the earlier Western-style lighthouse style, making it a valuable testament to evolution in the art.

Interior Rooms

The central room is filled with Japanese elements, such as the tatami mats. There is also a kamado stove.

Wireless Transmitter

The lighthouse and quarters could communicate wirelessly. The metal equipment found above and to the side of the entryway is part of the quarters’ receiver setup. 

*1: Sangawara-bukiA roof covered with tiles that combine flat and round tile parts in a wave shape.