Shikokumura Cafe



Former Location:

Kitano, Ikutaku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture


Registered Tangible Cultural Property

Enjoy teatime in this elegant Meiji Period ijinkan

This Kobe ijinkan, or foreign residence, was built for Englishman William Down and his wife. It is a two-story building with a yosemune-zukuri roof (*1) and an expansive veranda with porch, which are characteristic of the colonial style (*2) of the late Meiji period (1868-1912). It was later used as a dormitory for Nippon Yusen shipping company sailors before it was relocated here to become this café.

Furniture and Fixtures

All of the furnishings inside have been brought from the United Kingdom, and date from the Victorian area a century and a half ago.

Entrance Postbox

This post box came from Chelsea, in west London. Natsume Soseki reportedly lived there when he was studying abroad in Britain.

*1: Sangawara-bukiA roof covered with tiles that combine flat and round tile parts in a wave shape. 
*2 Colonial styleA term for architecture and craft style It was seen and developed in the British, Spanish, and Dutch colonies of the 17th and 18th centuries. One typical feature is the veranda around the outside. 

Opening Hours

9:00-17:30 (Last order 17:00) 
Open Every Day 
Note: May be temporarily closed for private bookings or maintenance.

Selections from the menu:

We serve coffee and tea, as well as spiced Georgian tea, cakes, muffins, coffee jelly, and more.


Seating for 45

Telephone: 087-843-3114