Shodoshima Farmers’ Kabuki Theater


Prior to 1863 (Late Edo period)

Former Location:

Kobe, Tonosho, Shozu, Kagawa Prefecture


Takamatsu City Registered Tangible Cultural Property

Entertainment By Villagers, For Villagers

During the Edo period (1603-1867), Kabuki stages were built throughout the country for villagers to perform Kabuki plays themselves for local festivals. The regional festivals, including these kabuki performances, were important entertainment for the villagers to help relieve their daily drudgery and refresh them for future labor. The Shikoku Mura stage used to be owned by the Kobe community on Shodoshima Island and used for rural kabuki performances. Now, it serves as an outdoor theater for events and festive decoration displays. Audience seating uses tiered stonework for a comfortable viewing experience.

Revolving stage

The center of the stage includes a revolving section 4.72 meters across. 
Note: Look beneath the stage to view the mechanism.