Shikokumura Waraya


Relocated and renovated old folk houses from the late 19th century

Former Location:

Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture and Ayauta, Kagawa Prefecture

Enjoy udon noodles and home cooking in atmospheric old, thatched houses

Waraya serves up its own original udon using a recipe unchanged since its founding in a thatched farmhouse from the late Edo period (1603-1867). The zaigo in zaigo udon is a local dialect word meaning “countryside” or “rural,” so you could call it “country udon.” Shoyu-mame (soy sauce beans), made from roasted dried broad beans soaked in a rich sauce, is also a local Kagawa specialty. This dish appeared to spread in Kagawa because it is major growing region for broad beans, called sora mame in Japanese, as well as a center for delicious shoyu. This dish carries the flavors of natural bounty and community bonds.

Opening Hours

9:00-18:00 (Last order 17:30)


Open Year Round

Note: May be temporarily closed for maintenance or other reasons.



Selections from the menu:

In addition to standard udon noodle dishes like such as kama-age or zaru udon, we also serve dishes like tempura, rice balls, and inarizushi.


Seating for 160. Note: Reservations required for large groups.

Free parking: 5 bus spaces, 150 passenger car spaces

Telephone: 087-843-3115

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