Fukita Family Sugar Cane Press


Latter half of 1800s (Early Meiji Period)

Former Location:

Aomi, Sakaide, Kagawa Prefecture


Nationally Registered Important Tangible Folk Cultural Asset

This spot, used for the first step in making sugar, is marked by a conical roof

Sato-shime is a term for pressing juice from sugar cane. This is the first step in making sugar, and was done here. The only two conical huts in the whole of Japan are both located here, at the Shikoku Mura Museum. Kagawa Prefecture was once known for its flourishing production of sugar, salt, and cotton, called the Sanuki Sanpaku (Sanuki three whites), and this valuable building stands testament to a traditional industry in a region known for wasanbon refined sugar.

Circular roof

The thatched roof matches the circular shape of the building, creating a conical shape like a large umbrella. The interior has no pillars, and the structure is supported by large beams.