Miyazaki Family Sugar Cane Press


ca. 1865 (Late Edo period) 

Former Location:

Hayashida, Sakaide, Kagawa Prefecture


Nationally Registered Important Folk Cultural Asset

Oxen were the engines powering sugar making

Sato-shime refers to crushing sugar cane to get the juice. Kagawa Prefecture was once known for its flourishing production of sugar, salt, and cotton, called the Sanuki Sanpaku (Sanuki three whites), and the two round huts in Shikoku Mura Museum stand testament to a traditional industry in a region known for wasanbon refined sugar. The center of this building holds three stone mills, called shimeguruma. Oxen would be yoked to the wooden arm projecting from the mills, and they would then turn the mills to crush the cane. That is why these two huts are round.

Shimeguruma mill

Sugar cane was placed into the stone mills, turned by oxen, to crush out the juice.

Interior columns

Worn areas on the interior columns are the tracks of where the oxen sides rubbed against them.